Data Protection at FinFami (in English)

Organizational activities are intended to bring people together, so that we can make the world a better place. Because our organization is created by people for people, we also have to process various personal data. Personal data includes all information that can be connected to you or some other individual person. FinFami only processes personal data that is necessary for our operation and we do not collect data for any other purposes.

Usually we primarily process name and contact information, but we may sometimes process other data as well. This includes information such as your age, photographs taken of you or participation-related information on allergies and diet. All processing of personal data must have a legal basis and purpose, and we do not allow any type of processing that might endanger your rights and freedoms or those of others. If, for example, we want to use a photograph of you in our communication or need health-related information from you, we will request your permission to do so.

Collected personal data is often used to create a personal data register. In practice, this means that we store your information in such a way that it is possible for us to find it among other information. If we collect your information into one of our registers, we will inform you of this and provide you with detailed information regarding the purpose of data collection and how the data is processed.

Our website ( includes further information regarding the data protection of our personal data registers.

You are always entitled to know what data concerning you is collected by us and how we process said data. You also have the right to verify the data concerning you we have collected and ask us to rectify them or transfer them from one system to another. You can also reject or restrict the processing of your data and ask us to delete data concerning you, but this may affect whether you can participate in our operation. In addition, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman if you feel that we have broken the law in the course of processing personal data.

FinFami takes its responsibility regarding the personal data protection of everyone seriously and wants to protect your information. Data is processed with due care and protected appropriately. Personal data is always processed under confidentiality and each person processing personal data is bound by the obligation of secrecy. Personal data is processed in compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and other laws and guidelines from authorities.

Additional information regarding data protection at FinFami:

The contact person for data-protection-related matters at FinFami ry is Arto Bäckström, tel. +358-(0)45 642 8510 and email arto.backstrom[at]

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