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FinFami – Finnish Central Association of Families of People with mental illness  is the central organisation for local families’ associations, and a national lobby organisation for the families of people recovering from mental illness. The purpose of FinFami is to support local member associations and provide them with services to help the families of people with a mental illness. FinFami works to promote the interests of families of people with a mental illness, with respect to political decision-making and service system development.
FinFami works with local families’ associations and other players to develop their operations, participates in the social debate on mental illness, and builds international connections.

Help and support from member associations

Do you have a family member who suffers from a mental illness? Do you need information and support to help you cope?

Don’t hesitate to contact our member associations. More information about local families’ associations is available here. Member associations provide support and assistance for families.

More information

Do you need more information about our association? Please contact: Jaana Humalto (jaana.humalto@finfami.fi), p:050 464 2739

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